Training Courses

We are obsessively passionate about producing training courses of the high quality. We spend a ridiculous amount of time ensuring that that quality of the material and content is the best you will find.  Currently we have three training courses.



1. How Teams Can Avert High Potential Hazardous Incidents (Over Pressure)

To reach the most amount of people with our important message we created an online course.  This is a equivalent half day course and introduces the importance of over pressure protection training and provides training to allow participants to find hazards associated with these systems.  There are three introduction videos explaining how this training may be valuable to your site and contain significant amount of training. Click here to find out more


2. An introduction to Over Pressure Protection: (1/2 day)

Pressure relief is the last line of defence in the process industry and as such there are many standards and engineering calculations to ensure the system is safe. The final step in this process which is often missed is ensuring that the people that actually operate the plant and the production management understand the underlying principles. Without a basic knowledge of pressure relief it is likely that safety systems designed to protect people and equipment may be invalidated.  Click here to find out more


3. Over Pressure Protection (Pressure Relief Formula): (2 or 3 day Course)

Pressure relief can be quite daunting and confusing but if you break it down and understand some of the core principles it really can be quite enjoyable. This course is spread over two days and breaks each topic to the base principles. The aim at the end of this course is for the participants to be able to complete a detailed pressure relief calculation upon return to work.

Main Topics

  • What is pressure relief?
  • What are pressure relieving devices and how do they function?
  • Defining the boundary for a pressure relieving system. What is protected?
  • Sizing and selecting a relief device
  • Understand back pressure
  • Successful transport, installation
  • Atmospheric discharge, Interactions with vent systems and flare headers
  • An introduction to two phase flow
  • Inspection & RBI

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