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At PSV we believe that training in over pressure protection relief is essential for all personnel who work on an industrial plant. over pressure protection is a core safety system and as such requires all personnel should at least have a basic understanding of its function, what it is/isnt protecting. As part of reaching towards our vision we are creating an online over pressure protection educational presentation series. These are available free of charge and will look to cover different areas of topic.

I will be updating these presentations onto the website, the current presentations are:

  1.     Feyzin pic   A review of the Feyzin Disaster
  2. Aust vs APIimage   API vs AS
  3. Capture             Effective vs Actual Discharge Capacity
  4. Capture                                            Balanced Bellows in Cryogenic Applications

5. Capture                                  Overpressure in Isolated Relief Valve Body 


You may also be interested in the videos that introduce the concept of “How Teams Can Avert High Hazardous Incidents (Over pressure)”.  These videos lead to the creation of the online course that you can check out by CLICKING HERE.

If you gained value from these presentations, then I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to send through any comments to

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Brett Mahar