Introduction to Over Pressure Protection

Introduction to Pressure Relief
Pressure relief is the last line of defence in the process industry and as such there are many standards and engineering calculations to ensure the system is safe. The final step in this process which is often missed is ensuring that the people that actually operate the plant and the production management understand the underlying principles. Without a basic knowledge of pressure relief it is likely that safety systems designed to protect people and equipment may be invalidated.

The vision at Process Safety Verification is to bring training on pressure relief to our customers to improve safety. This cannot only include engineers and therefore this course has been specifically tailored to provide an introduction to pressure relief for people at all stages of their career.

Main Topics

  • What is pressure relief?
  • What are pressure relieving devices and how do they function?
  • Defining the boundary for a pressure relieving system. What is protected?
  • What is happening during a relief event?
  • An introduction to successful transport, installation and inspection

Who should attend?
This course is aimed to provide an introduction to pressure relief for all levels, including managers, engineers and operators. We will discuss some of the main topics and allow people to recognise a safety devices and its protection boundary. As such it is particular aimed at Production Managers and Operators. Although anyone who would like to learn about Pressure Relief would gain value from this course.

Course Style
The course style is presentation combined with group discussion and interactive tasks. The course notes have been designed to be a visual reference for participants.

At the completion of the course each attendee will receive a certificate.

If you would like to know more about the training course, Introduction to Pressure Relief, then please contact:

Brett Mahar
Director & Lead Trainer
Process Safety Verification Pty Ltd
Ph 0481 161 861