Over Pressure Protection (Pressure Relief Formula)

Pressure Relief (3 day course)

Pressure relief is the last line of defence in the process industry and as such there are many standards and engineering calculations to ensure the system is safe. This course aims to bring all of this material together and present it in an easy to follow manner.Pressure relief can be quite daunting and confusing but if you break it down and understand some of the core principles it really can be quite enjoyable. This course is spread over three days and breaks each topic to the base principles. The aim at the end of this course is for the participants to be able to complete a detailed pressure relief calculation upon return to work.
Main Topics

  • What is pressure relief?
  • What are pressure relieving devices and how do they function?
  • Defining the boundary for a pressure relieving system. What is protected?
  • Sizing and selecting a relief device
  • Understand back pressure
  • Successful transport, installation
  • Atmospheric discharge, Interactions with vent systems and flare headers
  • An introduction to two phase flow
  • Inspection & RBI

Who should attend?
This course is aimed to provide a detailed content around pressure relief and is for anyone who would like to learn how to perform a pressure relief sizing calculation or who manages anyone who performing these calculations.

Course Style
The course style is presentation combined with group discussion and interactive tasks. The course is designed to give participants hands-on experience designing pressure relief systems and therefore involves many sizing calculations.

At the completion of the course each attendee will receive a certificate.

If you would like to know more about the training course, Process Critical Safety Systems, then please contact:

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Director & Lead Trainer
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