Welcome to Process Safety Verification, we are experienced Process Engineers providing specialist Process, Safety & Verification services to industry.  Our core capabilities are

Training courses: 

We are obsessively passionate about producing training courses of the high quality. We spend a ridiculous amount of time ensuring that that quality of the material and content is the best you will find.  Currently we have three training courses.

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Online: “How Teams Can Avert High Potential Hazardous Incidents (Over pressure)

Onsite facilitation: Over Pressure Protection Training (1/2 day)

IChemE Accredited: Pressure Relief: Protecting Eqipment & Personnel from Over PRessure (3 day course)

Find out more about us by watching some of our training videos:  CLICK HERE


We are passionate process engineers and highly skilled in the area of over pressure protection. We offer a full range of services for over pressure protection/pressure relief.

  • New designs
  • Validation of  operational systems
  • Vent collection system modelling
  • HP/LP Interface studies